Friday, March 29, 2013

Egad! It's an EASTER Bunny!

I thought it was tragic enough, that the Church let "bunny" be added to "Easter", without so much as a "peep" (continuing seasonal reference intended).  Not that the word Easter has any direct Biblical connection (its etymology is still disputed), but here in America, in recent times, we have used the word to refer to the Church's celebration of its most vital historical event: the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

And then somehow we let this critical holiday be watered down by springtime delights such as chocolate bunnies hopping through plastic grass to hide hard boiled eggs either out on the lawn or behind household nick-knacks, to be hunted down by basket toting, over sugared toddlers.  Yeah, we did that, to the Resurrection.  It could only be worse if the word Easter was never substituted in, and we were using, and had to be losing, more relevant descriptors like "Resurrection Rabbits" or "Empty Tomb Tomcats" that appeared once a year to make our kids search for hidden hairballs, or something.

But now our culture has taken the next step.  Schools and communities around the country are moving to protect the religiously uninitiated from the horror of paschal celebratories (Easter fans).  E______ Bunnies are OK, but only now if the religiously loaded and perplexedly offensive adjective (Easter) is detached!  You will soon hear only of "Spring" egg hunts, and "Spring" bunnies, as if somehow the bodily resurrection of the Savior of the world, the One who came determined to offer Himself and take the death deserved by all mankind, were actually equivalent to "spring".

I'm just venting.  This sign of the times, and this trend in our society to demean all things Christian may inhibit our culture's foregone acceptance and long past embrace of the faith, but it does nothing to impact the power of the cross in saving souls.  Within your own heart and mind, you know your failed standing before God.  Despite such cultural attempts to mollify supposed offenses from common use, I hope that you also somehow discover His willingness to forgive you because of Christ's sacrifice, and to welcome you home.

This is how God showed his love among us: He sent his one and only Son into the world that we might live through him.  1 John 4:9
Jesus Christ is still victorious.  His work was accomplished and His generous offer still stands.  He is still ready and willing to let His blood cover your sins, and your simple acceptance of this gift given in grace is all it takes for you to be received in heaven when you die.

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