Friday, July 6, 2012

Did I hear correctly?  Hillary Clinton apologized to PAKISTAN?  Their troops fired on ours, repeatedly last year near the border, so guess what our army did:  We fired back.  Our efforts were more effective than theirs (a good thing if you are an army right?), and 24 Pakistani soldiers died.

We apologized.  Hillary Clinton, our Secretary of State, represents the Apologizer in Chief well enough.  I hope Mitt Romney might express a general regret that anyone had to die that day, but rescind the national apology and replace it with a matter-of-fact warning to Pakistan (and the rest of the watching and presently scoffing world) that we put the welfare of our own troops ahead of other's.

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Carrie Goes Under the Bus

Carrie Underwood.  What can I say?  I cheered her through to victory as one of the most obvious, most talented, most fitting American Idol winners way back....oh, some 6 or 7 years ago now.  Besides the great voice, of course, she is the classic "living doll", who could easily have made a living as a model.  Her career since "Idol" has been a wonder to behold, with one big hit after another; and every song she sang containing a great, or simply a fun, message.  Carrie's rendition of "How Great Thou Art" mesmerized all listeners, including a friend of mine who classifies himself as a "Humanist". He listened to her sing that most famous of Christian songs over and over again.

Now my dream of this otherwise Wonder Woman has hit the wall of political correct reality.  Carrie has come out in support of gay marriage.  Yes, a lot of people have done that.  And a lot of people seem to think that their Christian faith dictates that they accept all behavior, based on the correct understanding that they should accept all people.  God accepts all people, but requires that they accept Him.  An acceptance which means they accept His understanding of what is right and wrong (what is good for we individuals, as well as our societies).

During an interview with a British newspaper, Underwood said, "Above all, God wanted us to love others. It's not about setting rules, or [saying] 'everyone has to be like me'. …It's not up to me to judge anybody." She also objected to "people who use the Bible for hate," saying, "That's not how I would want myself as a Christian to be represented."

Agreeing with God, and the things He has said, is not about "setting rules, or saying 'everyone has to be like me'.  Nor is recognizing God's standard for us all "judging anybody."  And it is especially not using "the Bible for hate. 

Sorry Carrie.  I have loved watching your career develop, and your family prospering, and hearing you sing any old song you apply that wonderful voice to; but I wish you had thought about your position on this issue a little bit more.  I am sorry that you have chosen to have your "self as a Christian, to be represented" by a wishy washy, personal pick and choose, theology-by-feelings stance that fails to represent God's clear teaching on sin.

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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Something's Wrong with Occupy

“They were anarchists,” he repeated.


He paused. “We’re not really set up to cover the extreme Left.”

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Saturday, April 21, 2012

P is for POLICY

Dog peed on the floor?  Form a committee and develop a POLICY!
Light bulb in the closet burned out?  Within a year, the new POLICY should be in place!
A store clerk hurt your feelings?  Call the advisory board; THEY will come up with a fix-all POLICY tomorrow!

Did you hear about the sex offender who molested his disabled roommate this week in some mental ward somewhere?  Sorry I can't remember the where or when exactly, but I heard that the administration was all in shock because "we have a POLICY forbidding sex offenders from rooming with...." what?  Victims?  Non-sex offenders?  So glad to hear that!

They said he wouldn't even be charged because they could not get a conviction on the mentally impaired sex offender.  I guess then, all they could do was establish a POLICY regarding his containment  (which was not followed).

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O is for OBVIOUS

Why do I hate to state the OBVIOUS?  Is it just me?  Sometimes a solution to a problem is so OBVIOUS that I pause after the question is posed, waiting to be sure it wasn't rhetorical.    . . . .  But eventually I realize, "Uh-oh, he really is asking me that."  And then being so pressed, I try to offer the answer as if I (too) am unsure and dismayed by the great dilemma. But here is where the whole 'trying to protect my friend from the embarrassment of looking stupid' backfires.  Since I posed my tentative solution so doubtfully, he thinks even his entirely off-the-wall idea has at least as much merit as my hedged bet; so now he stands taller and looks down with disdain, scoffing at the apparent gall I must possess to even dare speak in the presence of his austere wisdom!  But now, suddenly, my pride is backed into a corner and I want to announce loudly that he's a boneheaded imbecile for even considering that there might be more than one answer to 2 + 2, but that remark, just kind of seems too...obvious.  So I relent and withdraw and hope his newly empowered ego will at least wonder if my quietude might suggest that I'm being rhetorical.  It should be OBVIOUS!

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I apologize for using such a generic title.  Especially on a blog about 'venting', where the word NINCOMPOOP might often apply to the objectionable topic.  But I am doing the A to Z challenge in April and it fits today's need for an 'N' word.

The particular NINCOMPOOPS in question today work at Carrol University in Wisconsin.  In an effort to limit the continued use of hateful name-calling, a campus group built a small 'wall' for students to write all the horrible words used against them.  After collecting every vile term or phrase used to put someone down all in one place, the students were to gather together at the end of the week and 'tear down' the wall, thus eliminating prejudice forever!  Or something like that.

Instead, the collection of horrible terms was displayed on the edge of the campus, right across the street from a local elementary school!  Yes, they moved it back after complaints came in, but what were they thinking?!  One spokesperson I heard said that the words could all be discussed and then dismissed after such a profound collection was made on campus.  I wondered why they had to be gathered to be discussed, if their use was so prolific.  Why not just go ahead and discuss, without giving such display and prominence in the first place.

I'm sorry I posted this so late in the week.  Thursday was the day you could have stopped in and, for a small fee, taken a hammer to that wall of profanity, thus ending intolerance and strife forever!  I wonder if anyone wrote the word NINCOMPOOP on that wall.

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Saturday, April 14, 2012


How could I let this opportunity to vent about MYSELF pass?

What kind of businessman disparages himself in the company slogan!

Can you decipher this reflected image?
Or this larger version?

Can you read me now?
Almost your last chance!

Yeah, that's right!  My skills are most possibly, GOOD ENOUGH!

                                      I'll never make it in the business world!

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Friday, April 13, 2012


Who could rant about LINGONBERRIES?  Not even MILLERVENTS could do such a thing.  Or could he?
Every Mother's Day since we moved back to Wisconsin in 1991, my wife and I have taken our kids up to the famous Door County to spend time enjoying our annual routine. A typical agenda went like this:

  • Get a late start
  • Drive like mad to make up for lost time
  • Arrive at Sunset Park in Sturgeon Bay 
  • Eat our cold cuts and stuff picnic in a rush because we're all STARVING by now
  • Jump in the car quick and drive like mad to Fish Creek before the $37.00 per pound candy store closes at 3!
  • Spend all the extra money we have on candy because everyone (read: Mom) keeps filling her their bags.
  • Flee to the car and drive like mad to the farthest point of the peninsula to skip stones into the lake
  • Freeze.  Or wear Mom's coat.  She loves to be cold and never feels what the rest of us I feel.
  • Rush back down the highway (like mad of course) to Al Johnson's Swedish Restaurant in Sister Bay for our annual Swedish dinner; baked chicken and mashed potatoes, cause by now we are all starving again!
  • While waiting for Al to kill and pluck a chicken (each) we sit and fill our maws with hard rock crackers covered with LINGONBERRY jam
  • Eat a few loaves of Swedish Limpa bread covered with LINGONBERRY jam
  • Take authentic Swedish baked chicken and Swedishly mashed potatoes in doggy bags cause we are all too full to eat dinner
  • At checkout, buy more Swedish candy (made in Pittsburgh) and jars of LINGONBERRY jam to put on the potatoes tomorrow
  • Now its 9 PM and we are 3 hours from home and I have to work tomorrow so...
  • Drive like REALLY mad before I fall asleep at the wheel!
Like I said.  Who could rant about LINGONBERRIES?

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Thursday, April 12, 2012

K is for KIDDING

I am now going to cheat, but just a little.
I read this blog called "The Freedom of Nonbelief: K is for Kidding" today and I wrote a long comment.  I found myself thinking, this could be a whole post!  So now it is.  The 'nonbeliever' is Timothy Brannan, and here is my response to his A to Z post today.  (I used the same title, not just because he did, but because I so often find myself saying "You've got to be kidding!", and laughing uproariously, when I hear the latest 'scientific' claims made by supposedly scientific thinkers)

OK Tim, I'll bite.

I don't fit into the category of your typical follower (the comments above mine). I take issue with the kind of wide brush painting you did with this line:

People will argue about "teaching the controversy" but there is none. No one with any bit of scientific background that isn't blinded by faith thinks there is any other plausable theory other than evolution.

Of course there is great controversy, and it is created by those on both sides having much scientific background and mountains of facts. It is the interpretation of the facts that must be understood and judged well.

I have my BS in Geology from the U of Wisconsin. I know the strength of evidence for evolution that was 'forced down my throat' and it isn't very impressive. It consists of a few tidbits of facts ("a lot of animals have 5 bones in their forelimbs")and a whole series of assumptions connected by implausible guesses ("this means they evolved from each other")

The line-up of facts supporting a recent creation is much more scientifically supportable. For example, a sudden supernatural creation of life does not violate the long held LAW of biogenesis as evolutionary theory does.

Dianna Fielding, in her comment above, said; theories have evidence. Evidence by itself is only part of the issue. Evidence regarding something that is unrepeatable and was unobserved by man(like our beginnings)is far from proof. Every bit of real life evidence must fit into a worthy theory for it to stand. Contraindicating evidence must therefore demand that the theory be modified, and that without eliminating any other bit of evidence from the new theory.

I recommend this book that I reviewed on my blog for its feat of addressing just about every physical fact you can name in its theory (yes, just a theory). The scientific facts we all know (and love?) exclude the possibility of evolutionary, naturalistic origins. Some people of a different 'faith' seem to resent this factual claim, but they must deal with it as rationally as possible.

By the way, the whole book, in its 8th edition now, is available online.

Take a look, unless you really must not admit that there is credible science behind creationism.

J is for JAB; Rosen vs.Romney

Everyone has probably heard now about Hillary Rosen, a DNC consultant, who made disparaging remarks recently about Mitt Romney's wife Ann, saying that she "has actually never worked a day in her life.”  To put her statement in context, she was trying to disqualify Mrs. Romney's understanding of what women around the country were telling her they are concerned about.  Rosen's implication was that if Romney never earned a paycheck, then she was unqualified to comment on financial issues.

I would like to see the look on my Mom's face if someone made that suggestion about her fiscal skills, even though as a mother of 8, she also "never worked a day in her life!"

Rosen's JAB was untenable on a few fronts.  Of course a stay at home Mom understands financial matters as well as one who earns the paycheck.  It is the judicial budgeting and spending of money that requires the real skill.
Secondly, Romney claims that she was hearing from women.  Not a particular group of women, but all women no matter if their work was followed by a paycheck or just by more work, have been telling Romney they were concerned about the future debt load their children and grandchildren would have to bear.

Thirdly, and finally.  Men and women in this country can not be distinguished from one another in the dark haze of this clouded economy.  Under Obama's budget, which was voted down without a single vote in its favor, and his continued urgency to raise taxes first on the wealthy, and on everyone who has any 'capital gains', all of us will continue to suffer economically. The looming threat of unknowable and ever more stringent regulations keeps us all, men and women, paycheck earners and paycheck distributors, choking in the dark.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


So now our President's team is sitting down with the Muslim Brotherhood, as they settle in to ruin Egypt.  Sharia Law will be the law of that land soon, and if you want to talk about a "war on women", you will there find plenty of food for thought.

Monday, April 9, 2012

H is for Holder's Vote

Eric Holder is our United States Attorney General.  His department of Justice is suing several states that have recently passed voter ID laws.  Simple legislation that requires voters to prove their identity with a photo ID before casting their ballot.  This would mean that only one vote could be cast by each American voter.  It means no one can go in and vote in YOUR name, and take your vote before you get there.

New Hampshire is too 'free' to inhibit voter freedom, as Project Veritas has proven by receiving ballots in the names of dead citizens.  The following video should open a few eyes.

Here in Minnesota we see a guy asking for dozens of blank voter registration forms, and being assured that he can take them home and fill them out with whatever (even famous) names he wants to use.  When the paperwork is processed (even through the mail without any ID needed at any time), he would be able to vote once for every name he submits!  Would he be negating your vote?

Eric Holder claims there is no need to address voter fraud in this country, and pretends that it does not exist. He might want to watch the last video below.  A man walks into Holder's precinct voting station and asks if they have a ballot for Eric Holder.  The worker finds the name on the list, crosses it off, and tries to hand over a ballot.

Our voting rights are all we have, as a way of effecting this government.  When we let even that slip away, we will be done.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

G is for GENESIS

Genesis means "beginnings".  Ta Da!  That was easy.  So you can probably work this cool word into your regular conversation tonight at dinner.

Mom:  "Tell me honey, what was the genesis of your idea to buy that rotten boat?"

Dad:  "So, Junior, when do you think you will make a genesis of cleaning the garage like I told you?"

Suzy:  "Why do we always have to pray at the genesis of our meals?"

Billy:  "The genesis of these beets must have been under a curse!"

Job's friend:  "Your genesis will seem humble, so prosperous will your future be."

OK, so you probably don't have a 'Job' at home, but I thought I'd throw that one in because it's the only time the word is used in the Bible except as title to its first book; GENESIS.

See how easy and fun that is?

But the book of Beginnings, or GENESIS is so very fascinating!  If you've ever wondered where you came from and how it all began, and why there is so much crummy stuff happening around us all the time, and why there are fossils of sea creatures found on top of all the highest mountains....and why in the world there are different languages spoken around the world, and what was the first major sport mentioned in the Bible, it's all right there!  GENESIS 1 verse 1:  In the big inning......  BASEBALL!

For thousands of years, people everywhere took the book at face value.  They had no problem with the idea that a supernatural God would act supernaturally, and it made perfect sense that He would have to do no more than to 'speak' things into existence.  Nor with the idea that He would use some kind of order and at the same time be creating a temporal template for the way we would live.  (Have you realized that our year is based on the earth's trip around the sun, the month is based on the moon's schedule around the earth, but that  the seven day week is based only on God's seven day plan of creation, which includes the one cherished day off!)  There is no 'natural' basis for a set of 7 days.

But in the last few centuries, when our scientists developed the theory of evolution, with its inherent requirement that it must have taken billions of years for the impossible to take place (we all know that anything impossible becomes possible given enough time right?), it became necessary to disparage the book of GENESIS with its outright and clear description of the....GENESIS, of everything we know.

Speaking as a trained geologist, knowing what they knew to tell me at the U of Wisconsin, I have still not seen any proof of evolution.  This mere theory, which stands only on the shaky legs of assumption and circular reasoning, and in total disregard of the known laws of bio-genesis, thermodynamics and probabilities, has only supplanted the clear revelation given us in GENESIS by its appeal to those who seek an excuse to deny God the credit and the glory He deserves.

[So if this post LOOKS like it should belong in MILLERWRITES study of the Bible's weird does.  But after I wrote this, I remembered that I wanted to look at GLORY over there, so this one came here and besides, it does have an element of 'venting' attached doesn't it? ]

Friday, April 6, 2012

F is for Fallen to Cancer

Today would have been my Mom's 85th birthday.  She died in 1980 at 53 years old when I was 21.  I miss her still.  (Remember the very first posting in MILLERVENTS?  One form of 'venting' comes with tears.)

I know that we all die, and that this is the "wages of sin".  I wrote all about that factual nature of this life on MILLERWRITES just today.  But the understanding of this truth and the full acceptance by faith that this is the way it is, is one thing.  The living with its sad reality is another.

I am so glad that God Himself understands the fact that we will have things to lament.  Heartbreak and loss and disaster and shock are all part of living in a fallen world.  Thankfully, God did not leave us alone in such misery, but came incarnate in the human body of Jesus Christ.  Jesus lived the hard life of a (there's no other way to put it) bastard, growing up in a strict legalistic culture, and in a country occupied by a foreign army.  His Father was a blue collar tradesman trying to feed a large family of at least 7 children (Mark 6:2,3), and he probably died young, leaving the kids to be raised by a widow.  In the three years of His ministry Jesus was reviled and hated by the religious leaders of the day, and had His life threatened several times.  In the end, as we commemorate on this 'Good Friday', Jesus was whipped and punched and beaten.  He was mocked and scorned, abandoned by His friends, and finally tortured to death by crucifixion.  Yes, He knows about human pain.

Sometimes when my Mom's birthday rolls around I express my grief by going through my wish list.

I WISH....

  • Mom could have met my Lilly, my wife Kiki.  But, I only met her at Mom's funeral.
  • Mom could have been at my wedding.  Her big smile made any occasion all the brighter.
  • Mom could have been around to be a blessing to Kiki when she was a new bride, and then through the hard years.
  • Mom could have had the joy of being loved by my children.
  • And I so wish that she could have been there to pour her love into my kids.  Each of their lives would have been wonderfully more blessed by Mom's, I mean Gramma's, love.

My silly list could go on and on, but the redeeming truth is that this life will pass quickly.  James, who was one of Jesus' four brothers named in Mark 6, reminds us:

Why, you do not even know what will happen tomorrow. What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes.  (4:14)

This may be bad/sad news for those who refuse God's invitation to join Him later, and so have ONLY this life to 'enjoy', but it is good news for those willing to accept His conditional offer (simply receive the gift of eternal life!), and will thereby be reunited with others who have gone there ahead!  I will see my Mom again, and she will pick on me for putting her in a frame of blue and green (she always said they should never go together!) and we will laugh and laugh over my tease for thousands and thousands of years.


You say you don't care about politics?  Because all things political are just too annoying and confusing and frustrating?  Yes, they are.  But it is that very crummy nature of politics that allows so much crummy stuff to be done while we roll our eyes and cringe instead of paying attention.

This administration tried to pass Cap and Trade legislation that would have tightly controlled coal fired electricity producing plants, but failed.  It would have greatly increased our electric bills.  So now they are simply using the EPA to change regulations of such plants to the extent that most will shut down, and zero new ones can be built.  They have abused their power to override our congress.

If you don't pay attention now, and complain about the incredible power grab, you will notice later when one half  of all of our electric production is shut down and your plug-in price of electricity 'necessarily skyrockets'  (Obama's stated plan from an interview in 2008).

Here is a quote from American Values, which includes a quote from union leader Cecil Roberts:

Union Boss Slams EPA

As we reported last week, the EPA released a new regulation ostensibly intended to limit global warming pollutants. In reality it will ban construction of new coal plants. During a Tuesday radio interview, Cecil Roberts, president of the United Mine Workers of America, ripped into the regulation, saying:

"This rule is an all-out … decision by the EPA that we're never going to have another coal-fired facility in the United States. …Coal is the fastest growing energy source in the world and they've decided at the EPA we're going to control what goes into the atmosphere worldwide by halting the construction of coal fired facilities in the United States. It doesn't work, for one thing, and, the second thing, it is just devastating for our economy. …The Navy SEALs shot Osama bin Laden in Pakistan and [EPA Administrator] Lisa Jackson shot us in Washington."

Ouch! Tough words, but Roberts is right. The United States gets nearly half of its electricity from coal. Shutting down coal plants will cause electricity prices to increase. Evan Tracey, a spokesman for the coal industry, said, "Americans are suffering, certainly, a lot of pain at the pump. They're going to start to learn what 'pain at the plug' means."

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Maybe 'disgusting' is too strong of a word, but 'bothersome' doesn't start with the requisite 'D', so there.

But I did have a discussion where somebody tried to discourage my interest in current events and my attempts to inform or influence others on some of the issues of the day, in a way that seemed to actually be beyond bothersome  (I would sure hate to try to diagram THAT sentence!).  He started by listing some of the great issues that guys like me in previous generations were all riled up about.  He suggested that so many people lost so much sleep, and spent so much breath, and fought such painful battles, that I should learn a lesson from history and relax about what I see as attacks on my Grandchildren's economic future; or the slaughter of another generation or two of innocent babies; or the ever tipping balance of power from the people to a strong armed government.

What were some of the problems that mere citizens of this country thought should be addressed with persistent watchfulness, persuasive and pugnacious speech and peaceful protest, in days gone by?  As my friend gave me his list, I was greatly encouraged.  The problems this country has dealt with in the past were terrible and awesome; emphasis on 'were'.  If I lived back then he would have been telling me not to waste my time trying to;  defeat slavery, advocate for women's voting rights, organize labor, or march for the civil rights of African Americans.

I remember feeling somewhat stunned at his apparent belief that because those problems have all (largely) disappeared, all the effort spent against them was a waste of time!  Do I need to point out the HOW, or the WHY those issues are behind us?  Without your real, vehement and powerful voice, none of our own grand issues will ever just fade away.

Maybe it WAS a Disgusting Discussion.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

C is for Credibility of the Courts

Our US Supreme Court just finished hearing an unprecedented 3 days of arguments for and against Obamacare last week.  The jurists have probably already taken a preliminary vote and are now working on their written position statements.  Many pundits, after hearing how the hearings went, are predicting that the court will overturn the president's individual mandate, and possibly the entire law.

So President Obama came out for a photo op and was asked about the court's pending decision.  Did he really say?

"And I would like to remind conservative commentators that for years what we have heard is that the biggest problem is judicial activism and that an unelected group of people would somehow overturn a duly constituted and passed law."

He calls the 9 justices of the Supreme Court "an unelected group of people' , and suggests that if they find his favorite law unconstitutional, by comparing its mandates with the allowances granted the federal government in  the constitution (if they do their prescribed job), then he would call that 'judicial activism'.  

Ironically, his justice department is trying to use the courts to overturn the Defense of Marriage Act, and Arizona's immigration statute.

Senator Richard Blumenthal came out separately to state that:

"The court commands no armies, it has no money; it depends for its power on its credibility. The only reason people obey it is because it has that credibility. And the court risks grave damage if it strikes down a statute of this magnitude and importance, and stretches so dramatically and drastically to do it."

Is he suggesting that if the left (the smart people) don't like the court's ruling, then they don't have to abide by its decision?  After all, they don't have any armies!  

No.  We submit to the court's rulings even when they lead to the loss of millions of innocent lives, just because we live (or die) by the rule of law in this country.

Monday, April 2, 2012

B is for Bombs and Babies

Some fool set some kind of incendiary device on the outside windowsill of a local Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in our area Sunday evening.  What seems to have been a kind of 'molatov cocktail' caused a small fire that burned itself out before fire teams arrived, and caused minimal damage to one of the clinic's exam rooms.  The clinic could not open Monday, but will be back in business by Tuesday. 1

I call the unknown perpetrator a fool for he is at least that.  Even though it seems he or she planned the attack  for a time when it was unlikely that someone might be hurt (and no one was in this case), somebody may very well have been seriously hurt, or even killed.  The fool is probably guilty of attempted murder for all we know.

There is no allowance for such dangerous and criminal tactics among serious pro life citizens.  The only valid goal of a pro life advocate, or of a pro life organization, is to save the lives of the defenseless unborn babies.  And the only valid means to that end are found through the elements of compassionate persuasion such as caring conversation, sharing information, and the real offer of practical helps that support the child and its father and mother.  Prayer, a passionate conversation between a believer and his or her God, is another effective and legitimate approach to seeing babies saved.

Anyway, the thing that led me to 'vent' on this subject today was something said as part of a radio news report I heard this afternoon.  I can't remember if it was part of a 'tease' that was given before a commercial break regarding the above report which was soon to be aired or not, but the announcer said:  "Something terrible happened at an abortion clinic in the valley last night."

Did you catch the irony?

I may be venting tonight about the fool who somehow imagined that his fooling with a homemade bomb would do some good work; the fool who may easily have injured some body; the fool who only gave fair ammunition to those who tolerate the 'choice', or profit  from the abortion industry; but my heart breaks at the thought of the 'terrible' that happens to so many Grandbabies at every abortion clinic every day.


What is MILLERVENTS all about?  Here is the opening salvo from my first post:

Welcome to the brand new MILLERVENTS blog!  Not to worry.  If you stand back a little bit, or maybe a lot sometimes, you won't get burned.  Although if you feel the same way I do about a few things, you may get steamed, or for that matter, if you feel the exact opposite way about my vented rant, you may get even more steamed by my outrageous claims!  Oh well.  I have to let it out anyway, and the comment section can be your pressure release valve.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

A is For Angry Attitude!

Welcome to the brand new MILLERVENTS blog!  Not to worry.  If you stand back a little bit, or maybe a lot sometimes, you won't get burned.  Although if you feel the same way I do about a few things, you may get steamed, or for that matter, if you feel the exact opposite way about my vented rant, you may get even more steamed by my outrageous claims!  Oh well.  I have to let it out anyway, and the comment section can be your pressure release valve.

So today is Palm Sunday.  The day we Christians remember what they call the "Triumphal Entry" of Jesus Christ, as He arrived in Jerusalem the week He would be crucified.  Ironically, considering what they did to Him just a few days later, the people lined the streets and cheered for this miracle working deliverer.  Unphased by their accolades, Jesus had more important things on His mind.  He had come to bring salvation to a people who did not think they needed saving, and after the parade He stood weeping as He overlooked the city busy ignoring God.

Jesus 'vented' by crying over the great loss to come.  Not His own agony on the cross, but the calamity facing each unrepentant soul in view.

Perhaps with this disaster in mind, and recognizing where the blame for this state of such a poorly taught people belonged, Jesus next 'vented' by angrily 'driving out' those who had turned His house into a 'den of robbers', instead of fulfilling their duties as teachers of Israel.

Luke 19:
41 As he approached Jerusalem and saw the city, he wept over it 42 and said, “If you, even you, had only known on this day what would bring you peace—but now it is hidden from your eyes. 43 The days will come upon you when your enemies will build an embankment against you and encircle you and hem you in on every side. 44 They will dash you to the ground, you and the children within your walls. They will not leave one stone on another, because you did not recognize the time of God’s coming to you.”

Jesus at the Temple 

45 When Jesus entered the temple courts, he began to drive out those who were selling. 46“It is written,” he said to them, “‘My house will be a house of prayer’[c]; but you have made it ‘a den of robbers.’[d]”

Yes, we are free to vent, for a good cause.  Sometimes through tears, and sometimes in anger.  Although Paul tells us in Ephesians 4, "In your anger do not sin".

As you visit MILLERVENTS, please help to make sure I do not cross any such lines.  May I simply point out whatever 'unacceptables' I come across, but without sinning against my God.