Saturday, April 21, 2012

O is for OBVIOUS

Why do I hate to state the OBVIOUS?  Is it just me?  Sometimes a solution to a problem is so OBVIOUS that I pause after the question is posed, waiting to be sure it wasn't rhetorical.    . . . .  But eventually I realize, "Uh-oh, he really is asking me that."  And then being so pressed, I try to offer the answer as if I (too) am unsure and dismayed by the great dilemma. But here is where the whole 'trying to protect my friend from the embarrassment of looking stupid' backfires.  Since I posed my tentative solution so doubtfully, he thinks even his entirely off-the-wall idea has at least as much merit as my hedged bet; so now he stands taller and looks down with disdain, scoffing at the apparent gall I must possess to even dare speak in the presence of his austere wisdom!  But now, suddenly, my pride is backed into a corner and I want to announce loudly that he's a boneheaded imbecile for even considering that there might be more than one answer to 2 + 2, but that remark, just kind of seems too...obvious.  So I relent and withdraw and hope his newly empowered ego will at least wonder if my quietude might suggest that I'm being rhetorical.  It should be OBVIOUS!

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  1. Of course, when we assume, we make an ... out of you and me. (My first boss told me that.)

    Well, you know. ;-)