Saturday, April 7, 2012

G is for GENESIS

Genesis means "beginnings".  Ta Da!  That was easy.  So you can probably work this cool word into your regular conversation tonight at dinner.

Mom:  "Tell me honey, what was the genesis of your idea to buy that rotten boat?"

Dad:  "So, Junior, when do you think you will make a genesis of cleaning the garage like I told you?"

Suzy:  "Why do we always have to pray at the genesis of our meals?"

Billy:  "The genesis of these beets must have been under a curse!"

Job's friend:  "Your genesis will seem humble, so prosperous will your future be."

OK, so you probably don't have a 'Job' at home, but I thought I'd throw that one in because it's the only time the word is used in the Bible except as title to its first book; GENESIS.

See how easy and fun that is?

But the book of Beginnings, or GENESIS is so very fascinating!  If you've ever wondered where you came from and how it all began, and why there is so much crummy stuff happening around us all the time, and why there are fossils of sea creatures found on top of all the highest mountains....and why in the world there are different languages spoken around the world, and what was the first major sport mentioned in the Bible, it's all right there!  GENESIS 1 verse 1:  In the big inning......  BASEBALL!

For thousands of years, people everywhere took the book at face value.  They had no problem with the idea that a supernatural God would act supernaturally, and it made perfect sense that He would have to do no more than to 'speak' things into existence.  Nor with the idea that He would use some kind of order and at the same time be creating a temporal template for the way we would live.  (Have you realized that our year is based on the earth's trip around the sun, the month is based on the moon's schedule around the earth, but that  the seven day week is based only on God's seven day plan of creation, which includes the one cherished day off!)  There is no 'natural' basis for a set of 7 days.

But in the last few centuries, when our scientists developed the theory of evolution, with its inherent requirement that it must have taken billions of years for the impossible to take place (we all know that anything impossible becomes possible given enough time right?), it became necessary to disparage the book of GENESIS with its outright and clear description of the....GENESIS, of everything we know.

Speaking as a trained geologist, knowing what they knew to tell me at the U of Wisconsin, I have still not seen any proof of evolution.  This mere theory, which stands only on the shaky legs of assumption and circular reasoning, and in total disregard of the known laws of bio-genesis, thermodynamics and probabilities, has only supplanted the clear revelation given us in GENESIS by its appeal to those who seek an excuse to deny God the credit and the glory He deserves.

[So if this post LOOKS like it should belong in MILLERWRITES study of the Bible's weird does.  But after I wrote this, I remembered that I wanted to look at GLORY over there, so this one came here and besides, it does have an element of 'venting' attached doesn't it? ]

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