Saturday, April 21, 2012


I apologize for using such a generic title.  Especially on a blog about 'venting', where the word NINCOMPOOP might often apply to the objectionable topic.  But I am doing the A to Z challenge in April and it fits today's need for an 'N' word.

The particular NINCOMPOOPS in question today work at Carrol University in Wisconsin.  In an effort to limit the continued use of hateful name-calling, a campus group built a small 'wall' for students to write all the horrible words used against them.  After collecting every vile term or phrase used to put someone down all in one place, the students were to gather together at the end of the week and 'tear down' the wall, thus eliminating prejudice forever!  Or something like that.

Instead, the collection of horrible terms was displayed on the edge of the campus, right across the street from a local elementary school!  Yes, they moved it back after complaints came in, but what were they thinking?!  One spokesperson I heard said that the words could all be discussed and then dismissed after such a profound collection was made on campus.  I wondered why they had to be gathered to be discussed, if their use was so prolific.  Why not just go ahead and discuss, without giving such display and prominence in the first place.

I'm sorry I posted this so late in the week.  Thursday was the day you could have stopped in and, for a small fee, taken a hammer to that wall of profanity, thus ending intolerance and strife forever!  I wonder if anyone wrote the word NINCOMPOOP on that wall.

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  1. Love the word. Haven't heard it for a while. time to bring it back! It's actually funny in a cerebral kind of way that they put this wall at the far reaches of the campus. Did they think that made it better somehow? I mean unless they hoisted it onto a satellite in outer space, it was still bound to affect the community -- which they ultimately discovered. Dumb. Just plain dumb. You have a right to vent...:-)