Friday, April 13, 2012


Who could rant about LINGONBERRIES?  Not even MILLERVENTS could do such a thing.  Or could he?
Every Mother's Day since we moved back to Wisconsin in 1991, my wife and I have taken our kids up to the famous Door County to spend time enjoying our annual routine. A typical agenda went like this:

  • Get a late start
  • Drive like mad to make up for lost time
  • Arrive at Sunset Park in Sturgeon Bay 
  • Eat our cold cuts and stuff picnic in a rush because we're all STARVING by now
  • Jump in the car quick and drive like mad to Fish Creek before the $37.00 per pound candy store closes at 3!
  • Spend all the extra money we have on candy because everyone (read: Mom) keeps filling her their bags.
  • Flee to the car and drive like mad to the farthest point of the peninsula to skip stones into the lake
  • Freeze.  Or wear Mom's coat.  She loves to be cold and never feels what the rest of us I feel.
  • Rush back down the highway (like mad of course) to Al Johnson's Swedish Restaurant in Sister Bay for our annual Swedish dinner; baked chicken and mashed potatoes, cause by now we are all starving again!
  • While waiting for Al to kill and pluck a chicken (each) we sit and fill our maws with hard rock crackers covered with LINGONBERRY jam
  • Eat a few loaves of Swedish Limpa bread covered with LINGONBERRY jam
  • Take authentic Swedish baked chicken and Swedishly mashed potatoes in doggy bags cause we are all too full to eat dinner
  • At checkout, buy more Swedish candy (made in Pittsburgh) and jars of LINGONBERRY jam to put on the potatoes tomorrow
  • Now its 9 PM and we are 3 hours from home and I have to work tomorrow so...
  • Drive like REALLY mad before I fall asleep at the wheel!
Like I said.  Who could rant about LINGONBERRIES?

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  1. I can't vent about lingonberries, but I have a memory. I thought they were Finnish? Maybe both? I ate them with reindeer (before I became a vegan) while visiting my lifelong best friend one year. She is from Helsinki.

    I must say that the berries made the meat go down much easier!! Felt like I was eating Rudolph...

  2. You say you ate lingonberries with reindeer? Is is true that reindeer talk with their mouths full? I have always wondered, and now I finally found someone who would know!

  3. hehe, great post! :)


  4. I about fell out of my chair, laughing, over this one.