Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Maybe 'disgusting' is too strong of a word, but 'bothersome' doesn't start with the requisite 'D', so there.

But I did have a discussion where somebody tried to discourage my interest in current events and my attempts to inform or influence others on some of the issues of the day, in a way that seemed to actually be beyond bothersome  (I would sure hate to try to diagram THAT sentence!).  He started by listing some of the great issues that guys like me in previous generations were all riled up about.  He suggested that so many people lost so much sleep, and spent so much breath, and fought such painful battles, that I should learn a lesson from history and relax about what I see as attacks on my Grandchildren's economic future; or the slaughter of another generation or two of innocent babies; or the ever tipping balance of power from the people to a strong armed government.

What were some of the problems that mere citizens of this country thought should be addressed with persistent watchfulness, persuasive and pugnacious speech and peaceful protest, in days gone by?  As my friend gave me his list, I was greatly encouraged.  The problems this country has dealt with in the past were terrible and awesome; emphasis on 'were'.  If I lived back then he would have been telling me not to waste my time trying to;  defeat slavery, advocate for women's voting rights, organize labor, or march for the civil rights of African Americans.

I remember feeling somewhat stunned at his apparent belief that because those problems have all (largely) disappeared, all the effort spent against them was a waste of time!  Do I need to point out the HOW, or the WHY those issues are behind us?  Without your real, vehement and powerful voice, none of our own grand issues will ever just fade away.

Maybe it WAS a Disgusting Discussion.


  1. A coworker wished the goverment would keep us blissfully ignorant. I found her attitude appalling. Who are we if we can't champion a cause or care for each other?