Saturday, March 26, 2016

Give It All, Give it All, Give it DONALD?

A few weeks ago I heard that a friend was kind of down about the way things were going in her life at the time.  She is a Christian believer like myself, so I thought she would appreciate a short video of me singing an old but encouraging song that was made famous by Evi.  I sent her the song and she did appreciate it, saying that it "was very nice."

The song reminds us to "give it all to Jesus" as he will turn our sorrows "into joy."  In other words, He, Jesus, will ultimately resolve all of our problems.  He will reconcile all of the bad in life, and we will find comfort in the how and when He overcomes it all with good.

No, Jesus never promised we would all get to feel good all the time.  On the contrary, to be honest.  He said we would be divided by choosing to be His disciples, and even persecuted unto death.  (Did you know there have been more Christians martyred in the last century than in the previous 2000 years since Christ's own execution?) But He did promise us that we could still find peace in knowing and in following Him!

In this campaign season we are struggling to choose a candidate to lead America through a thick maze of troubles and threats.  One who can not only understand the complexities, but deal with them, and with Congress, effectively over the next 4 to 8 years.  None of the current contenders will ever be able to simply address and solve every important issue that we are facing.  If our next president can effect enough changes to get thousands who have left the job market reemployed, and begin to close our sovereign borders, and squelch the destructive impact of ISIS on the world; if he or she can cause a shift in power from the central government to more local control of matters, and maybe even stand up for this country as if he appreciated its special status in the world, I would be content.

If he or she can be a role model of honesty, integrity, civility and maturity; all the better.

Well it turns out that my friend and her husband both plan to vote for Donald Trump.  I was struck by the idea that they might want to take the problems we have in America, and "give them all to Donald"! The contrast between his principles and approach to life, and those of Jesus are so glaringly profound that putting his name in the song, even accounting for the obvious distinction between ANY one man and God in the flesh (Jesus), kind of made me gag.

Jesus promises to "Make the world great again", but consider how.  He intends to let the weeds grow up with the wheat, allowing as much time as possible for conversion, and then on the one final day, to separate the two and burn the weeds. How would the Donald "make America great again", without exercising a kind of nation wide judgmental tyranny, as we have seen him display in microcosm already?

No. Considering the way Trump talks so callously and carelessly on the campaign trail, we would have only a vain hope that he suddenly develops a strain of decency, and restrains himself in office. And with the tendency toward a growing presidential power and autonomy already established by the current administration, we can not afford to "Give It All" to Donald Trump.

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